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Announcing our winter production,
Cry It Out by Molly Smith Metzler!

A comedy that swaddles a serious issue

A comedy with dark edges, Cry It Out takes an honest look at the absurdities of being home with a baby, the power of female friendship, the dilemma of going back to work, and the effect class has on parenthood in America.  

"A special kind of show. Empathetic and enjoyable ... it all rings utterly true." 

— Chris Jones , Chicago Tribune

Four months ago, Jessie was a corporate lawyer with a glamorous Manhattan life. Today, she
is in dirty yoga pants, covered in breast milk, trying to comfort a screaming newborn. Isolated in a sleepy Long Island suburb while her commuter husband works long hours, Jessie is desperate to talk to anyone besides Food Network. 
So when she spies a fellow new mom and neighbor, Lina, at the local Stop & Shop, the two moms agree to meet for coffee during naptime, and a fast friendship is born. One coffee quickly becomes a daily coffee, as Jessie and Lina laugh through the highs and lows of motherhood.

The production features NHTC company members Melissa Andersen (Adrienne), Deena Nicol-Blifford (Lina), and Jenny Schuck (Jessie). Ruben Ortiz (Mitchell) joins the NHTC company members in the cast. Ruben is the Artistic Director for A Broken Umbrella Theatre and is making his first appearance on the NHTC Stage. The production is directed by company member Marty Tucker.

Join us at the NHTC Stage at the EBM Vintage, 839 Chapel Street, New Haven

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Thank you for supporting our fun, quirky mix of entertainment. We think that our ensemble-based approach offers New Haven area audiences an exciting way to engage with great theatre. 

To keep bringing you quality theater, we need a great group of volunteer artists dedicated to providing the New Haven area with imaginative and affordable theater, a fantastic audience and.... money.

We ask if you have laughed, cried, been engaged by, been entertained by, been touched by, or just plain old had fun at any of our productions, to please consider donating $25 this year.

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New Haven Theater Company: Melissa Andersen, Ralph Buonocore, Sara Courtemanche, Drew Gray, Erich Greene, George Kulp, Susan Kulp, Margaret Mann, Deena Nicol-Blifford, Sandra Rodriguez, Steve Scarpa, Jenny Schuck, J. Kevin Smith, Aleta Staton, John Strano, Marty Tucker, John Watson, Jodi Williams, and Trevor Williams

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