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Introducing the first production of our 2023-24 season!

A play in letters read by Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell

Dear Elizabeth is a celebration of the written word that will transport you to a world where letters transcend time, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who experience it.

"Ruhl delicately explores through nothing more than the letters and her own theatrical imagination, the solitude of the artist, the exactitude of the writer's craft, the balance between confession and privacy, and, in the end, why poetry matters." 

— Frank Rizzo, Variety

Step into the world of literary brilliance with Dear Elizabeth by Sarah Ruhl, a play that delves into the extraordinary friendship between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. This masterful production was first commissioned and premiered at the renowned Yale Repertory Theatre under the artistic direction of James Bundy and managing direction of Victoria Nolan. The premiere took place on November 30, 2012, marking the beginning of a journey into the hearts and minds of two literary giants.

Sarah Ruhl, the visionary playwright, was deeply moved by the complete correspondence between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. While pregnant, she recognized that their remarkable friendship deserved to be shared, and that it could only be truly conveyed through their own words. Ruhl carefully organized their letters in chronological order, creating a stunning narrative that follows the evolution of their relationship until Robert's poignant farewell.

This performance boasts a dynamic dual cast, featuring the seasoned NHTC members John Watson and Ralph Buonocore as they bring Robert Lowell to life, while the talented Margaret Mann and Susan Kulp grace the stage as Elizabeth Bishop. Prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable evening of theatre that promises to leave a lasting impression - one that will linger far beyond the final blackout.

Join us at the NHTC Stage at the English Building Market, 839 Chapel Street, New Haven

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New Haven Theater Company: Melissa Andersen, Ralph Buonocore, Sara Courtemanche, Drew Gray, Erich Greene, George Kulp, Susan Kulp, Margaret Mann, Deena Nicol-Blifford, Sandra Rodriguez, Steve Scarpa, Jenny Schuck, J. Kevin Smith, Aleta Staton, John Strano, Marty Tucker, John Watson, Jodi Williams, and Trevor Williams

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