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by Nick Jones
Directed by Drew Gray

February 23,24,25

March 2, 3, 4

On the NHTC Stage @ EBM

839 Chapel Street

Trevor can’t wait to get back to Hollywood. He’s cooped up in the house, dragging his life-size cutout of Morgan Fairchild around the yard, and wondering what the creeps next door are up to.  Trevor is an eleven year old, 200-pound chimpanzee. After he crashes his human mom’s Corvette, the police and the rest of the town think it’s time for Trevor to retire to a sanctuary. This hilarious dark comedy explores how we think we understand the people around us, but often find we’re speaking a different language.


"Sweet, clever and weirdly touching... Trevor's absurdist mixture of showbiz satire and real-life poignancy is so continually delightful, in fact, that you may not notice, as it flows by, how resonant the story actually is.” -Time Out New York

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