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Something in their childhood stopped Beane and his older sister Joan from being really alive. Joan is married, with a career, but she is hard and guarded even with those she loves. Beane, on the other hand, is not even sure he’s visible.


Then something strange and terrifying happens . . .  and Beane begins to live. His awakening first mystifies Joan, then transforms her marriage and her life.

But is it real or just hallucination? Does it matter? This intensely sexy and funny play may answer these questions, along with an even bigger one: Can sex and a turkey sandwich make up a whole new life?

"One of the best new plays of the year. Richly comic and deeply touching. Outstanding. A smashing, compassionate new play." - Daily Telegraph (London)

Love Song

by John Kolvenback

Co-directed by​

Margaret Mann &

John Watson

Nov 08, 09, 10 and 15, 16, 17

All shows @ 8pm

The NHTC Stage @ EBM

839 Chapel Street 

New Haven

"My first time

seeing a show by New Haven Theater Company...

I walked out feeling the buzz one might associate with a surprisingly prosperous

blind date."

- OnStage

"NHTC has the knack of playing things with a
straight-forward gusto" 
               - New Haven Review

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